RFR Pedale Flat SL - red

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Beschreibung von RFR Pedale Flat SL - red

Leichtes Flat-Pedal mit niedrigem Profil, austauschbaren Pins, Industrielagern und LSL-Bushing.

RFR Pedale Flat SL - Features:

  • leichtes Flat-Pedal
  • niedriges Profil
  • austauschbare Pins
  • Industrielager
  • LSL-Bushing

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  • Beschreibung
  • Datenblatt
  • Bewertungen (1)

Datenblatt für RFR Pedale Flat SL - red

Produktname: RFR Pedale Flat SL - red
Hersteller: RFR
Artikelnummer: RFR297031
Aktivität: Fahrrad
Anwendungsbereich Fahrrad: MTB
Pedal (MTB) Ausführung: Plattformpedal
Plattform Größe: 130 x 111mm
Modelljahr: 2020
Saison: Ganzjährig
Farbe: Rot
Gewicht: 410g
Herstellerseite: http://www.rfr-bikeparts.eu
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  • Bewertungen (1)


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Anonym 17.09.2018

Squeaking like crazy
Hi! I bought this pedals for my new bike; put them on, gave them few turns while bike was still on the stand and they were producing loud unbereable sgueaking. I complained and Bike24 exchanged them for new ones. In the meantime I bought Xpedo pedals for my bike. But when the new ones arrived I was going to sell them but decided to put them on my girlfriends bike. First ride on them yesterday and after 2 km they too started squeaking. Now, it is probably rubber seal of a bearing that creates friction and making noise.. But I do not care what problem is. These pedals have a design flaw and stay away frome them. Too bad cause they are well built and really qite beautiful.
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