Deda Zero1 Vorbau 2016 - black glossy anodized

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Beschreibung von Deda Zero1 Vorbau 2016 - black glossy anodized

Hochwertiger Deda Oversize 31,7 mm Vorbau für gewindelose Gabelschäfte mit 1 1/8" Durchmesser. 3D geschmiedeter Aluminium Körper mit geprägtem "D" Logo und Flip Flop Grafiken.
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Datenblatt für Deda Zero1 Vorbau 2016 - black glossy anodized

Produktname: Deda Zero1 Vorbau 2016 - black glossy anodized
Hersteller: Deda
Artikelnummer: DED128885
Modelljahr: 2016
Material: Aluminium 6061
Gewicht: ca. 145 Gramm (bei Länge 110 mm)
Ahead/Gewinde: Ahead
Ø Gabelschaft: 1 1/8“
Klemmhöhe: 41,5 mm
Ø Lenkerklemmung: 31,7 mm
Typ Lenkerklemmung: abnehmbar, 4 Schrauben
Winkel in Grad: 84°
Länge in mm: 60-130 mm
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(1 Bewertungen)
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Strong and good looking stem from DEDA
/This review is for 2014 version, shown in the product picture)
Bought to replace my old 110 mm FSA OS170 on my MTB, as it was too long for me.
The design fits great with my frame, so it's a bonus. The graphic printing is well done and the '3D' embossed logo at the clamp look cool.
It is not a lightweight stem, as the 90 mm version I bought weights exactly 130.1 g (precision scale measure).
It only comes in +/- 6º (+/- 84º).
The stack height on my 'sample' is 39.61 mm. Allow some slight differences of height on different stem measures.
The graphics are not anodized, it's has painting, so beware of scratches. The design is smooth and hasn't any pronounced edges, except for the embossed front logo.
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