SKS E.V.A. Kopf

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Beschreibung von SKS E.V.A. Kopf

Ersatz E.V.A. Kopf. Passend für Sclaverand-, Dunlop und Autoventile.
für Ventilart: Sclaverand-, Dunlop und Autoventile
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Datenblatt für SKS E.V.A. Kopf

Produktname: SKS E.V.A. Kopf
Hersteller: SKS
Artikelnummer: SKS113736
Aktivität: Fahrrad
Pumpe Zubehör: Pumpenkopf
Modelljahr: 2020
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  • Bewertungen (3)


(3 Bewertungen)
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Anonym 05.06.2020

For me this head does not work well with Presta. It only locks tight at high pressure, until then I have to pump very fast as the air keeps leaking.

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Anonym 15.09.2017

When I bought it I thought that would be for Presta and Schrader valves. For some times I have use it only with Presta because I have tried it with Schrader and it does not closes. Today and after watch one video I have tried with Scrarder and it have worked very well ... The solution was, for Schrader valces, to insert the EVA Head deaper into the valve (after that it was very easy to close the tab). I use it with in my 2HP compressor.

Anonym 09.05.2017

Got it as a replacement for the pump head of my Topeak pump. While this pump head is marketed for use with Presta and Schrader valves, I find it very hard to use on Schrader valves. The amount of force required to make the pin activate the valve in unreal. The head works well enough with Presta valves, but is not designed to work on Schrader valves.

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